Wales Beach Walk – Rhosneigr & Newborough Beach, Anglesey

On Saturday morning, we woke up at a quarter to seven and packed all our bags and Mika’s bag and started our family trip to Anglesey, Wales. Since the weather was so good, we planned to take Mika out for a good beach walk. We drove to our mother-in-law’s home and picked her up. Mika was so excited to meet Grandma Irene and ran to her immediately.

We took A55 and drove to our first destination – Rhosneigr Beach. It was a small town but a lot of people stayed there for beach holiday. The weather there was a bit chilly and cool. We walked to our first beach and a lot of people were playing wind-surfing. Mika was curious with that kind of sport and barked at those surfers who were surfing from one side to another side. It also aroused Mika’s interest and chased after them on the beach. She also jumped into the sea and swam a bit. It was so funny that there was a little head on the sea and moving around. She enjoyed the day and had a good run/ walk on Rhosneigr Beach.

After so, we moved on to a cafe for a couple of drink. Irene and I ordered a cup of coffee, Mark had a glass of coke and Mika had a bowl of water. Perhaps she drank a lot of sea water so she was desperate for her drink.

We drove to the second destination – Newborough Beach. We were required to pay for £3 for the entrance and parking fee but it was worth. The beach there was even more beautiful than the previous one. The sand was finer and the sky was very blue. The beach was divided into 2 sections: dog allowed and dog prohibited. Mika climbed on the sand dune and had a good play there. We sat down next to the sea and took a break. Mika saw another border terrier and chased after it. However, they fought together in the end and Mark and I had to seperated them. We really didn’t know why she could not get along well with other border terrier.

We left Newborough at around 1:30p.m. and drove to Betws-y-Coed for a good lunch. We were so hungry that we ate all our 6 oz bacon & cheese burger. Betws-y-Coed was near Snowdonia and the landscape and view was fantastic. We enjoyed our meal and a short walk in the wood. We had a wonderful day out yesterday.

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Bury Market Visit

Having been in the UK nearly 1 year, it was the first time for me to visit a market which is as like as the HK one. I can finally find fresh SEAFOOD in this country!! Hurray!! Thank you Kat and her Aunt’s invitation!! It totally took me 2 hours to travel to Bury Market and it’s really worth visiting. We got a lot of good food back home. Kat’s Aunt even cooked us a seafood meal on Sat night. Wow… isn’t it mouthwatering? hee hee

On Sunday, we had our Sunday Roast Dinner at home. I got the chicken parcel from Bury Market and it was really good! Mark said we should return there again and get more good food home. hee hee

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Home Improvement – Stage 1

Yesterday, Mark and I went to IKEA to look for a new cabinet which is put in the conservatory to store the culinery items. I enjoyed the whole process as we exchanged our ideas such as  the colour and size preference, that can foster our team building. In the end, we decided to use the “mixed and matched” strategy to build our cabinet. Mark did a very good assembling job and now, the conservatory has a new different look! It looks more spacious and well fit.

CIMG7317                          CIMG7319

Mika & Magnum

Summer is coming and Mika cannot resist the temptation of Magnum. hee hee… Mika is like her dad. After the super, she will look forward to her dessert. She is a greedy dog. If we don’t let her lick the dessert, she will jump on the sofa and try to lick your food. hee hee.. it’s her tactics to get her food…

Anyway, we only give her the last bit and don’t want her to be unhealthy.

Also, Mark got Mika a new toy on Saturday. It was destroyed on Monday. She is Mika-chew!

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Our Wedding Invitation

To celebrate with my family and friends in Hong Kong, we are going to organize a Chinese Wedding Banquet at Paramount Banquet Hall (九龍灣 Mega Box 百樂門宴會廳) on 22 Oct 2009.

We cordially invite you to our Chinese wedding banquet. Please visit our Wedding Page and kindly send me a reply so I can send you the invitation card.

See you soon!!

Peak District Trip

Last weekend, we went to the Peak District to meet my friends, Melissa and Antonio. We had a very nice trip together.

We met at the Abbey Hotel in Redditch for the Easter Lunch. Melissa was very excited as she didn’t know what it would look like. We all appreciated the starter as it was really good. However, the main course, roast dinner, was tasteless. I had my hot apple pie for dessert. It was very nice. We all enjoyed the meal together and chatted alot!! We miss each other very much. Although we live in the same country, UK, we cannot meet each other so often as like as in Hong Kong. Therefore, we treasured our gathering time.

After the great Sunday Easter lunch at the hotel, we went to Star City, Birmingham for bowling. Originally, I planned to go to the Coughton Court but it closed at 5p.m. It would be too late by the time we arrived there. Therefore, we changed our plan and had some fun with Bowling game.

Wow… it was really fun to play Bowling together. Mark played the best. I played the worst as I always put the ball into the gutter, Gutter Ball Queen! Anyway, I tried very best to improve my score from 1 digit to 2 digits. hee hee… Antonio and Melissa enjoyed the games very much too, full of laughters and fun!

After so, we drove to Wing Yip to have a look at the Chinese Supermarket Headquater. However, it closed at 5 on Sunday. We couldn’t get into it but we found there are some Chinese restaurants around and full of Chinese… hee hee

We then headed to Birmingham City Centre and China Town and explored those places. Part of China Town was developed as the pub area where is as like as LKF.

At night, we had dinner at an award-winning Chinese Restaurant. The food are excellent. We didn’t tell Mark that we had ordered the eel. hee hee… I just told him it was fish. In the end, he found it out and looked at me in an unbelievable way. Anyway, he experienced it and knew how it tasted. hee hee

On the second day, we visited the Heights of Abraham in Derbyshire. We were very excited with that tourist spots but slightly disappointed after the visit. The traffic there was absolutely horrific and parking was a panic. Thankyou Melissa and Antonio so we can find a safe place to park our 4-wheel big car.

The admission fee for one head is around 10 pounds. We took the cable car up the hill and Mark looked a bit nervous. The view there was spectacular and we had our lunch at the coffee bar overlooking the nice view.

Mark and Antonio ordered Blakewell Pudding for their dessert as it is very famous in Derbyshire. I tried a bite but it’s not for me… too sweet and almondish…

After the lunch, we visited different types of exhibitions as well as explored the Great Masson Cavern. It was a good experience and let us know more the historical facts.

We had to say goodbye at the late afternoon as we had to pick up our puppy, Mika, from our friend before we can go home. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the trip very much. We are planning to visit the Lake District together again. See you soon, my friends!

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Family Day out – Lyme Park

Last friday, the Dorans went for family hiking at Lyme Park again. Although the weather was not pretty great, we didn’t get all wet while walking.

An unhappy accident happened with our puppy, Mika. She ran into the farm through the farm fence and chased the sheep. She once again lost her conscious when she saw the sheep. She ran and ran and finally she heard our shouting and ran back to us. The farm owner yelled at us with rage and told us they would have shot Mika to death. My husband said sorry to them but in vain. The farm owner kept shouting and yelling furiously of disturbing the possiblity of the sheep pregnancy. Anyway, we walked away as we couldn’t do anything. What we realized is that we couldn’t lose Mika and Mika is very important to our family. Now Mika is safe and we no longer able to walk in the Lyme Park. We guess we are on the blacklist so we had better find another park for the family walk.

Poor Mika doesn’t know what she did wrong and her dad was so worried about her safety.

At night, we watched a movie, Martly and Me, with my mother-in-law. We like that movie as it tells the fun stuffs of keeping a dog and the changes of life in different stages.

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